And another thing … why are high street conveyancing Solicitors so expensive?

Sadly, the expensive overheads of the high street office presence of many Solicitors immediately puts them at a disadvantage when pricing work. This is especially significant in the South, where the effects of higher staff costs, office rental & building costs come into play.

Gone are the old fashioned images of quill pens, men dressed like crows, stuffy, dark, wood-lined, male-only preserves of the unfriendly, legal-eagle Solicitors offices.

In the modern conveyancing arena, face-to-face legal consultations are now no longer required, overcoming the requirement for local legal representation.

Unsurprisingly, in such a highly competitive market, the office overheads of on-line conveyancing Solicitors have been hugely trimmed by the thoughtful location of their offices, many avoiding the South, so fee savings can be passed on to customers.

Thanks to the world wide web technology, the age old issues of transferring the legal title of property (conveyancing in a nut-shell) has become a much simpler & thus more cost effective exercise.

While there still remains the thorny issue of the legal requirements for original signatures, many of the stage processes can be seamlessly completed by experienced, on-line Solicitors specialising in Conveyancing.

Using faster & more responsive customer contact methods, including email, text & access to on-line tracking, customers are kept well informed of progress throughout the buying & selling process.

The highly competitive selection of Conveyancing Solicitors who make up the Reynolds Property Services panel, allow customers to find the best available price from a dedicated, professional panel.

If you require a simple, free quotation for your selling and / or buying needs, please follow this link to our Homebuyer Conveyancing panel quotation.