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EPC recommendations

Improving your properties energy efficiency

The recommendations section lists measures that can improve the energy efficiency and therefore the rating of the property. The recommendations are separated into:

  • Lower cost measures – below £500 installation cost
  • Higher cost measures – above £500 installation cost

The measures are assessed cumulatively in a predetermined order and are only included if they make a measurable change to the energy efficiency of the building.

The recommendations section also displays typical savings per year and shows the energy efficiency and environmental impact ratings as a result of these improvements.

Finally, there is a description of each recommendation and an explanation as to how it can be used to improve the energy efficiency of the home. It also gives advice on how the recommendation can be applied or installed. For example, if a recommendation was given to replace an existing boiler with a more energy efficient Band A condensing boiler, the accompanying text would read as follows:

Band A condensing boiler

A condensing boiler is capable of much higher efficiencies than other types of boiler, meaning it will burn less fuel to heat this property. This improvement is most appropriate when the existing central heating boiler needs repair or replacement, but there may be exceptional circumstances making this impractical. Condensing boilers need a drain for the condensate which limits their location; remember this when considering remodelling the room containing the existing boiler even if the latter is to be retained for the time being (for example a kitchen makeover).

Building Regulations apply to this work, so your local authority building control department should be informed, unless the installer is registered with a competent persons scheme, and can therefore self-certify the work for Building Regulation compliance. Ask a qualified heating engineer to explain the options.”