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Home Condition Surveys

Your property buying safety blanket

Home Condition Survey

Reynolds Property Services are delighted to announce an additional survey product to our home buyers portfolio – The Home Condition Survey (HCS).

Cheaper than a Building Survey or Full Structural Survey this jargon free but detailed survey, full of illustrative photos and descriptive condition ratings is an ideal report to satisfy your property buying concerns – including drawing legal issues to your solicitor’s attention – that you, as a homebuyer, may harbour regarding your imminent property purchase.

Buying a house is a major investment and one you need to be able to make a real informed decision on. This is where the Home Condition Survey (HCS) comes in.

The HCS is a clear and concise and free of complicated jargon, detailing the condition of a domestic property. The surveyor gives a cost effective service and will inspect and report on the property quickly, allowing the homebuyer to make a fast and informed decision.

Delivered by specially trained and fully accredited residential property surveyors such as Reynolds Property Services, your HCS gives you a jargon-free report on the condition of the property using a simple 1,2,3 rating guide, so it is easy to understand potential risks to your property investment.

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do and it is not always in the seller’s best interests to be fully open about its quirks and potential issues with the property. The HCS tells the homebuyer about any aspects of the property that need urgent attention or which present serious faults, as well as any ongoing maintenance that homebuyers might have to plan for.

The HCS can only be produced by fully qualified and accredited members of SAVA – the Government-approved organisation which trains and accredits the work of surveyors. Homebuyers can be assured of a comprehensive report produced by a professional, trustworthy individual.

The aim of the HCS is to make the home survey process quicker, easier and more cost-effective for homebuyers – something that is now more important than ever.

To further enhance the customer service experience, Reynolds Property Services also automatically arrange to meet you, the client, on site at the end of the survey to run you through the results face to face, room by room.

Download Sample HCS 1 here.

Download Sample HCS 2 here.

Download Sample HCS 3 here.

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