Sellers & Buyers attitudes to the Energy Performance Certificate

They’ve been around a wee while now – I carried out my first EPC back in August 2007 as a younger & green (no pun) Domestic Energy Assessor.

By the end of 2016 I will be close to completing around 4,000 of the critters, so some customer perspective on attitudes is gradually seeping out from under the carpet.

From the Sellers & Buyers side of the fence, the EPC was initially, and in many minds still is, another administrative piece of paperwork – often see as a further hurdle or hoop that the Seller or Landlord has to jump over or through before they could market their property.

In my experience of talking to both Sellers and Buyers, when they have had an EPC carried out on their own property, things become clearer.

Only then do they fully understand more of its constructive content & usefulness in identifying helpful information regarding the energy efficiency or otherwise of their potential property purchase. This will include rating information on both the fabric of the property – walls, windows, floors and roofs etc. and the efficiency of heating equipment – fires, boilers, heaters and air hot water cylinders etc.

Tenants are also stakeholders in this process as Landlords also are required to provide an EPC on properties to be rented out, again to advise the new inhabitant of the standards they can expect with regard to the properties performance and the potential effects on energy bills.

There are still some, notably either from the older generation or the more affluent, who disregard the issues of energy consumption as being somehow not their problem. If I’m dead who cares about the world running out of oil? My family & off-spring will be financially well placed enough to buy the necessary, dwindling and potentially high cost heating and lighting raw materials.

My own view is less optimistic, more glass half empty – I’m just glad, as an adult with no children, that I do not have worry or feel guilty about my own next of kin, albeit some generations into the future, shivering in the dark.

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